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UCI Licence

Riders must have a valid UCI license BEFORE registering for a Okotoks BMX club membership.

The UCI license is issued by ABA (Alberta Bicycle Association) and there are a few licensing options available to you. More information on the different licenses available can be found HERE are the ABA website.

A UCI General Membership will allow the rider to participate in Okotoks club hosted coaching and racing. Riders will not be able to participate in events hosted by any other Alberta track (Alberta Cup series, Friday Night Lights series etc.)

CLICK HERE for the ABA 2024 Registration Page to fill out your license application Prior to registering for an Okotoks BMX Club membership. You will be asked to provide a receipt number in the Okotoks BMX Club Registration Page.

**Please note: General Memberships provide insurance for your rider to train and compete at Okotoks BMX Club only. Your rider will not be able to advance in ability (i.e. novice to intermediate) or collect district points. Riders will still collect Club Points towards the Okotoks BMX Annual Awards.

A full Racing “UCI License” allows the rider to advance in ability, collect district points and compete at events hosted by other Alberta tracks.

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