Okotoks BMX Club

  • 5 of the clubs original members were on hand to have their picture taken with former world champion USA rider Bubba Harris who provided the ceremonial first drop of the new Pro-Gate “Safe gate” which was a first in Canada at the time. From Left to right – Owen Nakamura, Chris Nakamura, Tyler Paget, Travis Morrow, Cam Helm and Bubba Harris. (2007 Photo)

  • One of our younger riders taking advantage of the indoor track in Olds. Remeber that you have to be registered with a club and have a valid 2013 ABA licence to ride in Olds.

  • A family that rides together, AB's together. Here we have coach Marco with his kids all proudly displaying their newly won AB plates from the Medicine Hat provincial championships!

  • It is very important to make sure your bike and gear fit you properly! If it doesn’t, you compromise your safety..and it kinda looks funny don’t you think?

  • A blast from the past from the 2006 Cochrane BMX provincial that moved to Morley Indoor due to Tornado warnings and torrential rain! It’s pretty neat to go back in time to see these Okotoks riders when they were younger..Can you name them all?

  • What better way to keep from going in 4 different directions? Go in the same direction! The Kroon family is a dedicated bunch and a huge part of Okotoks BMX! Click Here for a great story by the Western Wheel.


Okotoks BMX/Kidsport Golf Tourny

Hey Everyone

With all our warm weather, why not get going on your 2015 summer golf plans?


Click on the Okotoks BMX Golf Ball above for your link to the 2nd Annual Okotoks BMX/KidSport Charity Fundraising sponsorship and registration information.

As you may have all noticed, we are knee deep in our plan to build the new track – goal is to be ready to roll for May 2015 beginning of the season!! Lots and lots of bucks required to get this track and area completed throughout the summer, and as most know Okotoks BMX is 100% volunteer run and funded – one of the biggest chunks to pay for this sweet new track is our Golf Tourney! We are set to TRIPLE proceeds raised last year and 25% will be donated directly to KidSport Okotoks! We all win!

Here is a show of how much fun all had last year – before our registration package was even prepared and finalized we are now already 20% filled!! Crazy!! So get it now while spots still available!

There are also many other ways to contribute to the success of this tournament if not wanting to golf or able to sponsor at one of the levels. - Silent Auction Items - Prizes for tourney - Booze bottle donations for the Booze Barrel draw - Purchase/Sell raffle tix for the Rockstar 4somes (we will be doing 4 this year and all proceeds of these raffle tix go directly to the club – that is $4800 straight into our pockets right there! - Volunteer on day of event


Please contact one of our golf committee members this year for any information on the above.

2015 Committee Members

Sandy Fokkens(sandyfokkens@hotmail.com)

Kevin Pashak (kpashak@shaw.ca)

Leah Turner (boyswithtoys@telus.net)

Jennifer Wong (frywong@shaw.ca)

Mike Slapman (mslapman@shaw.ca)

Track upgrades



Things that will be discussed:

1) TRACK BUILD – LOTS of information to be shared regarding the status with Town and plans to have track built for May 1/15

a. Opportunity to provide input on the guts of the track build ie: rollers/table tops etc. Over the last few years we have very limited to no feedback when we have asked our members for feedback so here is the final and last chance to provide some much requested member feedback! Please see attached “idea” of what that track could potentially look like as posted on facebook, the footprint is relatively how it will be, however the guts is what we are looking to obtain some member input on – please take the next few weeks and jot down some of your ideas we can take away from at the meeting so we can move forward with the final blueprints as soon as possible. We are particularly looking to our older more experienced riders to provide some input. As well please feel free to email your thoughts as well to casey.shank@xplornet.com or ken.mcalister@rollfab.ca from now until the meeting also.

b. Please note: As most of you know we have been trying to build this track for many, many years – to ensure we are able to have this track built and ready to ride for our 2015 season things are now going to move quickly!!! It’s been a long haul, but we are almost there!!

2) REGISTRATION We will have our debit machine and registration packages on hand to accept 2015 registrations as well – please ensure you bring a postdated chq $200/rider (or enquire on the family minimum required for 3 or more riders in one family) – TO CONFIRM – REGISTRATIONS CANNOT BE PROCESSED IN FULL WITHOUT A POST DATED VOLUNTEER CHQ ON FILE!!

****This year EVERY member will have a confirmed volunteer postdated chq on file before we even start our season and they WILL be cashed if volunteer requirements are not met shortly after our annual season end awards night – we will be going over this in detail as well at the meeting. With the track build, golf tourney and casino this year – ample, ample opportunity to fulfil your volunteer requirement before rubber even hits the track! Along with of course all the required volunteer positions needed to run our race and practice nights, work bees during the season etc.

3) CASINO!! We have our casino date – Saturday, Aug 1 and Sunday August 2, 2015 (yes long weekend) this is a HUGE piece of our funds required to maintain/run the track over the next few years. Work one casino night has ALL volunteer requirements for one rider for the whole season!! Signup sheet will be available at this meeting.

4) COACHING – we have some amazing things planned for the 2015 season – not only split level coaching (beginner/advanced competition) but also a few amazing week-end training camps planned! We have a new coaching director this year, Mr. Brulan Kroon who as most of you know is one heck of a rider himself should be on hand for you to drill yourselves on what his plans are for the year! We have also been advised that our beloved Coach Marco will be at the track once in a while to offer his assistance to Coach Brulan as well! Let’s ensure we all give Brulan an amazing welcome, this is one of the biggest jobs to take on as a volunteer position! Welcome Brulan!

5) GOLF TOURNEY!! Okotoks BMX/KidSport Okotoks Charity Fundraising Golf Tourney!! Afternoon of Mon, Sept 21/15 - Full registration package/sponsorship info on hand, as well will have the opportunity to lock in your team/spot or sponsorship before all goes public (debit machine will be on hand)– this tourney was a HUGE success and talked about for weeks afterwards last year. We are anticipating this tourney to be sold out very quickly!!

a. Raffle tix will also be available to hand out for chance to win Rock Star team – one book of 10 tix ($20/tix) will earn you HALF of your required volunteer credits for one rider – sell two books (that’s only 20 raffle tix) and there’s your full volunteer requirements for one rider right there!

Here is your opportunity to obtain all info to date, provide input and ask any questions that you may have accumulated over the last few months – as many board members that can be, will be on hand to work the room and provide some one on one chats.


Your friendly neighbourhood Okotoks BMX board members

Stay in shape in winter

Don't forget everyone that if you want to stay in shape this winter then take advantage of the Olds Indoor Cycling Center